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Tour promotions by an experienced, professional promotions company make advertising and promoting your Australian tour virtually effortless.

We know the Australian industry, and we have decades of experience in planning a tour promotions package that will suit your every need. Every tour has individual elements, no two tours or performers are the same, and we can and do plan your tour promotions specifically to your criteria.

Whether your tour involves a solo performer or a full sports team, we can ensure your tour promotions are specific to not only your performers, but your genre as well.

Tour Promotions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We have a complete and full knowledge of tour promotions for Australia and New Zealand, and our other closely related neighbours. We know the major companies that deal in the services your require and can smoothly arrange or cater to any of your promotional requirements.

Big Deal Touring is a Promotions and Touring company based in Sydney Australia, catering to local and international acts thoughout Australia & New Zealand. For more information about our services in tour promotions for Australia or New Zealand, or what we can do for you:

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